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  Special effects (Gallery)

The terms: skilled, experienced, Innovative, open minded, careful, will appear in your mind as you think about the perfect special effects expert for your production. Please examine the pictures and the video examples bearing in mind - "One picture is worth a thousand words".

While we are also experienced with miniature effects, all the effects you see here are the real size effects.

Some of effects had to be carried out in a real proximity to the main actors, some in ancient sites or in nature reserves, in all cases, maximum effect was achieved without any real damage. Our art is to make the director's dreams come true, to make the impossible - possible!

Please feel free to explore the special effect presentations around the site, and watch as imagination becomes reality.

 Beaufort BeaufortBeaufort Beaufort 

 Beirut  Beirut 1  Beirut 2 Beirut 3

  Beirut 4 Beirut 5 Brand Houser 1Brand Houser 2

 Brand Houser 3 Brand Houser 4Brand Houser 5Brand Houser 

 Brand Houser 1Brand Houser  2Brand Houser 3 Delphin 1

 Delphin 2 Delphin 3 Delphin 4Delphin 

 Delphin Ein Harod 1  Ein Harod 2 Ein Harod 

  Ein Harod Firsr Light Iron Eagle 1 Iron Eagle 2

 Take OverTake Over 1Take Over 2Take Over 3

 The BodyThe Last Petrol   
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