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Thinking of producing fake military equipment for movie prop?
Do you want another item to your collection?
It might be worthy to buy "the real things"!

Since we buy old military equipment, from the army and also captured enemy's equipment we get huge quantities, much more then we need. This surplus of equipment is for sell, and of course it is a bargain.

Almost all product we sell are the original item, as we bought it from the army. If the Item is not an original, or a replica, it will be written and noted on the item's description.


Don't pay a fortune for your tactical light. Make one yourself. Buy this original Glock Air weight adaptor in no money and use any good flashlight that fits in. This adapter is replacing the magazine base.

Installing on the gun magazine is very easy. When mounted on the magazine it gets aligned with the gun, making it an ideal aiming-light.

More then that: With this kind of tactical light you don't have to spend more money on a special holster.
And the last one: according to some users: they fill that the gun is more balanced with the light there, rather then under the barrel.

Adaptor for blanks for Mini Uzi Price: $15  

This special adaptor manufactured by I.M.I, as the ability to stop non expected live bullet in order to avoid accident. The idea was to save life even the weapon might suffer a bit. It is very easy to install the adaptor on the gun.

Condition: new.

Tactical light + adaptor for Uzi and Mini Uzi family  Price: $35 

See your enemy / target in darkness: This is the Model TLS 8 - 6 volts system, The buyer will receive a new item. The model number of this item is TLS 8, manufactured by ORTEK. System is a 6 volt, shock isolated system powered by two lithium 3 volts batteries (like "Duracell" type DL 123A).

The system attaches to the gun with a lever mount. When mounted on the gun it gets aligned with the barrel, making it an ideal aiming-light. It is very easy to install it on the gun. Switching is controlled with a pressure activated momentary on tape switch. This item is still in use in the Israeli special units.

Condition: new. Batteries are not included.

M1 Carbine magazine  Price: $10 

The buyer will receive a used M1 Carbine .30 caliber magazine, in a good and working condition.

M1 \ M2 Carbine magazine  Price: $12 

The buyer will receive a used M1 \ M2 Carbine .30 caliber, 30 Rounds magazine. On the base of the magazine is written (Imprinting): Japan.

The magazine is blued steel and in a nice, good and working condition.

AR 15 \ M16 \ M4, BLANKS MAGAZINE Price: $18  

This is a high tech. polymer (a very nice name for plastic ...), AR 15 BLANKS MAGAZINE in a mint condition. This magazine can't be feed with live ammunition even by mistake - only blanks. The bright orange color came as a matter of safety: no more switch of magazines by mistake.

All your brothers in the training field should know that your weapon is loaded with blanks.
Even though I joked above about the polymer, this magazine is really high quality and it much stronger than the aluminum version.
On the side of the magazine there is imprinting of Manufacturer (as it appears):
On the bottom side is written:
PAT. NO. 4139959

MILITARY CLEANING KIT BOX. Souvenir item.  Price: $10 

This is the I.D.F cleaning kit box. This heavy duty plastic box appears on the 70'tis of the last century (it was a metal box before). The box as the Israeli Army symbol marked (low relief), on its front. The letter Z in Hebrew () means Z.A.H.A.L (I.D.F) property. The other low relief in Hebrew saying: Cleaning kit - small arms and the serial number.

The cleaning tools are not offered, it is only the box.
Since the box is new and clean it can be use as a "shelter" to cigarette peck, visit card box, or any other cool idea.

The box is in a new condition.
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