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  Military props (Gallery)

After more then three decades of "Militaria" collection, we now possess a large quantity and a great variety of military props. That puts us in a position to offer you - the movie maker, a rich selection (see pictures) of military props. Since our props are based on a professional collection, it mostly contains "the real things" and not cheap duplicates.


 American kevlar helmetBritish paratrooper helmet Bul. Helmet  Bul. Helmet

 I.D.F helmetU.S. army helmet U.S. WW2 -  Vietnam steel  helmetU.S. WW2  steel  helmet  

Russian helmet W.W. I, II British helmets  

 Personal field gear

Bullet proof vests .S.W.A.TBullet proof vests I.D.FI.D.F infantry vestI.D.F infantry vest 

 I.D.F officer vest I.D.F officer vest WW2 British sten carrier gearWW2 British rifle carrier gear

 Backpack carriersBackpacksCanvas holstersIDF scouts vests

U.S. ankletsU.S. combat suspendersUS collapsible shovelsUS infantry rifleman  amunition belt

US small pouchUS spring  ammunition beltUS Carabin M1 Magazine pouchesUS vietnamlamp

 Hand grenades

F1 grenade RussianHand grenade M26GU.S. pinapple grenadeWW2 British hand grenade

Smoke grenades Tear gas hand grenade Tear gas hand grenade 2  

 Other Props

Blasting dynamoBlasting dynamoLandmines Mines detector 

Russin gas mask    

 Weapons related

 BipodsCanvas holsters Inert ammunition belts Laser sights 

Machinegun tripod Props (inert) ammoRifle Grenades Riflescopes 

Shotgun leather cartridge belt Tactical lights uziTactical lightsUS .30 caliber cleening tools pouch

Rifle cases 1Rifle cases 2  


WW2 fild telephonesEE8 field telephone largeField telephone Field telephone TA-312 

Soviet military field  telephoneField telephone TA-312 VRCM.K. 25 or 77 

 Medical corps - props

WW2 stretcherWW2 stretcherFolding stretcher Personal bandage 
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